Implementation of eAuditor
at the Independent Public Health Care Institution in Przeworsk

Find out how the implementation at the medical facility looked like.

What kind of system was the client looking for?

The client was looking for a solution that would allow it to manage its IT infrastructure and software more efficiently. The system will help improve data security. The client wanted:

What was the implementation of the eAuditor system like?

The first step in implementing the eAuditor system was to consult with the client and analyze their needs. This allowed for proper configuration and profiling of the system. We conducted remote training to ensure the most optimal use of the solution. The implementation at SPZOZ in Przeworsk included a total of 280 devices, and the implementation process was completely remote.

The client received an innovative system for managing IT infrastructure and security. The implemented solution made it possible to inventory computers, as well as manage VMware and Hyper-V-based hosts from a web-based administration console. The VM scanner provided access to information about all virtual machines along with the ability to manage them. Additional network scanner functionality ensured fast and efficient detection of all devices connected to the network, with the ability to monitor ports and the services assigned to them. The network mapping function provided access to automatic visualization of devices in the IT infrastructure, as well as a complete set of device information, which the healthcare facility was particularly keen on. Functionalities that we have implemented in addition:

What did the customer gain?

The client gained a comprehensive solution for managing IT infrastructure and security. The solution, with its ability to inventory IT infrastructure and software, has significantly contributed to improving the efficiency of IT management. The system has streamlined and automated the work of the entire IT department, as well as influenced more effective security of confidential data.

By remotely encrypting the drives with the BitLocker module, the data has been properly secured, thus reducing the risk of data leakage.

The network scanner, by cyclically scanning the LAN, quickly and intuitively indicates all devices connected to the network, which allows the detection of unauthorized devices, as well as monitoring of ports and services with the ability to set notifications.

With network mapping, the IT administrator has access to automatic visualization of devices in the infrastructure, as well as a complete set of device information.

The virtualization environment scanner can detect and update the status of MS Hyper-V and VMware environments, as well as virtual machines on servers.

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