IT inventory

Control the real use of IT resources in your organization Quickly and efficiently inventory hardware and bring your enterprise’s servers and virtual machines under control.

Inventory of virtualization servers and virtual machines

The eAuditor system makes it possible to perform an inventory of virtual machines running on servers in an organization. Two technologies are supported: Hyper-V and VMWare. As with the computer inventory, it is possible to read detailed information about the virtual machine and the virtualization server itself. It includes information on: server name, CPU, number of CPUs, number of cores, RAM, memory usage by VM, disk space, disk space usage by VM, information on network cards, MAC addresses, IP addresses, installed operating system and server startup date. By installing the eAgent service, it is possible to read more detailed information (such as for a computer).

The administrator can use predefined reports to provide a summary showing the current status of owned servers and VMs.