Implementation of eAuditor
at Macrix Polska Sp. z o.o.

Find out how the implementation at an IT client turned out.

What kind of system was the client looking for?

The client was looking for a professional solution to manage IT in an extensive organizational structure.

The priority was to find a tool that would enable centralized collection and management of information from a functional console. The search focused on a solution that would provide an automated inventory of IT infrastructure, as well as automate the process of hardware and software inventory.

What was the implementation of the eAuditor system like?

Every system implementation is different. We support the customer in the proper selection of parameters, advise and profile the system. This was also the case this time. In the first stage of eAuditor implementation, after consulting with the client, we proceeded to configure the system and profile it, adapting it to the needs of the organization.

The second stage was the installation of eAuditor software in Macrix Poland for 70 devices under an indefinite license. After installation, the necessary training and technical support were provided. Selected functionalities we implemented:

What did the customer gain?

Ultimately, after implementation, the client gained a professional IT management system that works well in complex IT structures. The inventory of IT infrastructure, as well as its comprehensive inventory, has streamlined and automated the work of the entire IT department.

With the ability to manage software and licenses, the IT department has gained the ability to do advanced monitoring of the licenses used (including CAL and CAL WEB licenses), which has significantly saved time.

An extensive task server enabled IT administrators to use predefined CMD and PowerShell commands, so they could execute specific tasks and commands on any group of devices, both on the local network and outside of NAT.

By monitoring IT infrastructure, IT system administrators have gained detailed information, among other things, about the network transfer generated, about the USB devices plugged in, or about the performance of devices and servers.

IT Warehouse has enabled administrators to keep records of computer equipment, as well as to manage IT infrastructure resources more efficiently and easily, which has optimized the company’s key processes.

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