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Software Audit Program

Names appearing as alternatives:

Legality Audit, Software Legality Audit, Software Review, SAM (Software Asset Management).

Software audit in accordance with ISO/IEC 19770 is a process of assessing and verifying compliance with the requirements of this standard. ISO/IEC 19770 is an international standard that defines practices for the management and audit of software. This standard focuses on the identification, management, and monitoring of software within an organization.

The main objectives of a software audit in accordance with ISO/IEC 19770 include:

  1. Software Identification: The audit aims to accurately determine what software is used in the organization, including licenses, versions, suppliers, and other relevant information.
  2. Software License Management: The audit assesses the organization’s compliance with software licensing principles. This involves checking licenses, agreements, usage restrictions, and legal rules related to software.
  3. Compliance Assessment: The audit checks whether the organization complies with legal requirements and principles related to software, including licenses, usage policies, security policies, and other agreements.
  4. Detection of Non-compliance and Risks: The software audit aims to identify potential non-compliance, license violations, unauthorized software, or other threats associated with software.
  5. Improvement of Software Management: The audit provides the organization with feedback and recommendations for improving software management, including purchase processes, implementation, tracking, and removal of software.

Software audit in accordance with ISO/IEC 19770 focuses on accurately determining, managing, and assessing compliance with software principles within the organization. Its goal is to ensure proper management and use of software, in accordance with legal and licensing requirements, as well as internal organizational procedures.

The eAuditor system enables the full software audit process in accordance with ISO/IEC 19770. The eAuditor software provides support for the following operating systems: MS Windows and Linux. eAuditor identifies software using a dual method, ensuring high effectiveness in recognizing both installed and copied programs (binary).

A rich public database of application and package patterns allows for quick software recognition. The software also automatically identifies licensing models and calculates the appropriate Core Factor coefficients according to Microsoft licensing documentation. It provides support for MS SQL Server: Express Edition, Standard, Enterprise, Developer, allowing for the management of traditional licensing, Server+CAL, per Processor/Core.

eAuditor enables the creation of multiple software schemes and assigns them to selected computer groups, allowing the identification of unauthorized software and its automatic uninstallation.

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