IT monitoring

It ensures the continuity of the organization’s operations. It allows to counteract failures in real time and comprehensively analyze equipment and employee productivity.

Monitoring of websites

Site monitoring helps ensure the continuity of site operations. This feature allows you to determine in real time the availability of the server and the visibility of the website on the Internet, finding specific keywords placed on the site. The administrator can check the visibility of the website on the Internet in real time. In addition, the function allows you to:

  • gain instant notifications of events that occur,
  • monitoring the availability of cloud applications,
  • accounting for the availability of websites,
  • insight into the full history of availability of monitored websites,
  • reporting of occurring problems at any time,
  • configuring URL monitoring.

Monitoring of an unlimited number of sites

Moreover, in the eAuditor system it is possible to analyze any number of sites. Monitoring dozens of sites belonging to an organization is undoubtedly a time-consuming activity, which can be easily automated thanks to the eAuditor system. Within a single view, it is possible to list all sites for ongoing monitoring, but also to compare data. The administrator can also set an arbitrary interval (in minutes) defining the unit of time after which the site will be checked (pinged), in order to determine the availability of the server.

Actual website visibility

eAuditor also allows you to define a specific phrase that the administrator will search for when scanning the site. When a specific phrase is not found on the site, the system will notify the administrator or the user designated by him/her.

Analyzing server response times

The system also implements an interactive widget showing the server response times of the monitored sites, which can be moved at will, indicating the periods on the timeline. The eAuditor also automatically generates information about service activity from any period, so there is no need to create complicated statements and subsequent tables. The administrator will easily record the percentage of server availability according to contractual provisions.

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