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The employee panel has a fully intuitive and clear start screen, the form of which varies by position in the organizational structure. Interactive widgets graphically present information about productivity, recently sent messages, support requests, computer memory and available training. This allows an employee to find key information quickly and easily.

Software used

Under the software tab, each employee can monitor which applications he or she used on a given day. The user also has insight into the time of use and the last time the application was launched. Based on this, he can analyze his productivity while working.

Used equipment

In the employee panel, each user has access to information about the hardware he or she is using. The employee can see such information as the computer’s IP, Host ID, as well as the last login date. With such data, the employee gains key information about the activities performed on the specific device he or she is using.

Possessed rights (ACL Manager)

A user in the employee panel has an overview of the system permissions he has obtained. This allows him to identify his accesses to local resources and shared resources (local and network). The employee can easily read whether he has the ability to create, edit or delete files within resources. In addition, the permissions tab has a clear table that allows any filtering of views. In addition, there is a clear table in the permissions tab that allows any filtering of views.

Technical support

An employee via the application can quickly report incidents to Helpdesk support. The employee’s dashboard allows new requests to be sent to the Helpdesk using an intuitive form that includes guidance on how to review previous requests and search for solutions in an extensive knowledge base.

WorkTime Manager

The user panel interface provides access to a view that shows detailed information about login time, computer time, productivity and employee activity. All information is presented in a clear and easy-to-read manner using functional widgets. This allows the employee to monitor his metrics on an ongoing basis to use his time at work wisely.


An employee can read messages (alerts) about the operation of the system. This allows even more effective management of the entire IT infrastructure. All messages and alerts are sent to users from the eAuditor system console.

Training (LMS)

From the panel, the employee has easy access to the trainings he is completing, along with information on the progress of implementation. He can check on an ongoing basis what training he is doing, which he has already completed and which he still needs to do. In addition, the employee also has access to a rich database of instructional videos dedicated to him, which he can group by category.

Application kiosk

This is one of the latest features of the eAuditor system, which can be accessed from the Employee Panel. It allows each user to install software verified and approved by IT departments.

The kiosk in the “Employee Panel” allows you to assign applications to specific departments, without having to indicate
each employee individually. The administrator can collectively assign applications by pointing to organizational
structures from the CMDB level – employee schemas.

An additional convenience for administrators is the fact that the eAuditor system automatically informs not only about the lack of
installation of the software required by a given department, but also about not using it. This makes it possible to
future forecasting of purchases and identification of unused resources.

All application updates are made by IT administrators by placing the update package
in the repository Only then can users update all their dedicated software.
This not only increases the level of security in the organization, but also saves employees’ time.

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