Remote management of patches and updates (patch management)

  • Identification of uninstalled patches
  • Central implementation of amendments
  • Withdrawing amendments
  • Installation automation
  • Reporting

patch management

Patch and update management

The new patch management functionality for MS Windows systems provides the ability to quickly identify installed and uninstalled patches and updates. Allows users to effectively and efficiently manage system updates. The patch management module analyzes the system configuration and inventories installed patches.

eAuditor performs a quick periodic scan, identifying missing updates and uninstalled patches. Once the scan is complete, a detailed report is generated, presenting a list of missing updates along with information on their relevance. Users have the ability to manage patches directly from the eAuditor interface, which allows them to install, schedule or defer updates depending on requirements and preferences.

eAuditor offers options to automate the update management process, allowing regular periodic scans and installation of patches according to a schedule. During andafter patches are installed, the administrator can monitor the status of computers in real time.

The patch management module gives you the ability to effectively manage system patches and updates, minimizing the risks associated with potential security vulnerabilities and ensuring optimal system performance and stability.


  • periodic inventory of corrections
  • initiation of patch downloads
  • patch installation
  • installation recall
  • error logging
  • alerts

An easy-to-use platform that gives you complete control

Integracja z API Microsoft gwarantuje pełne bezpieczeństwo i niezawodność modułu.

Quick identification of uninstalled patches

The functionality allows quick and efficient detection of missing system updates and patches. This allows the administrator to effectively monitor the status of system updates, minimizing the risk of vulnerability attacks and ensuring optimal performance and stability of IT systems.


  • initiating the process of checking available amendments
  • initialization of patch download
  • inventory and classification of patches
Zarządzanie poprawkami i aktualizacjami

Automatic security check

It is the process of assessing the security of computer or network systems simultaneously. The goal of the process is to identify potential threats, security vulnerabilities and configuration irregularities that could lead to attacks or security breaches. The patch management module is part of this process.

Masowa kontrola bezpieczeństwa systemów

Stay up to date with patches and ensure IT security

Aktualizacja systemów operacyjnych jest kluczowym elementem bezpieczeństwa IT. Stanowi też olbrzymie wyzwanie dla działów IT.

Non-intrusive grouped update

The upgrade process does not interfere with users. A high degree of flexibility in patch management across device groups is possible. As a result, upgrades can be performed both collectively and individually, with the ability to customize the process to meet an organization’s specific needs and standards.

Bezinwazyjna aktualizacja z podziałem na grupy

Withdrawing updates

The functionality offers the ability to quickly restore the previous stable state of a system or application in case new changes have caused unexpected problems or introduced unwanted modifications. Information about the possibility of withdrawing the patch can be found in the application interface.

Complete freedom to skip unwanted revisions

The eAuditor allows you to skip selected updates that may be problematic. This is an important functionality in case some patches may cause unwanted side effects or conflicts with other system components.

Pełna dowolność w pomijaniu niechcianych poprawek

Advanced patch monitoring

It is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data on the operation of a computer system in connection with updates. eAuditor indicates potential threats, the current status of patches and the need for reboots, enabling effective management of IT infrastructure.

Deploy patches quickly and securely with eAuditor Patch Management

Wdrożenie modułu zarządzania poprawkami w już pracującej instancji eAuditor V9 AI zajmuje kilkanaście minut. Jest w pełni bezpieczne.

Detailed reporting

eAuditor offers detailed reports and analysis on the status of updates, including the overall status of devices, needed patches, or devices requiring a reboot. Administrators can tailor reports to their needs, getting precise and up-to-date information on operations carried out and planned.

Szczegółowe raportowanie i analiza przeprowadzanych operacji systemowych