Application blocking

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Software Schemes – Automatic Identification of Excessive Software – Software Schemes: Allowed – Prohibited – Recommended

Application blocking (DLP software schemes)

The eAuditor software also elements of the DLP class system. Functionality consists in defining software schemes divided into allowed, forbidden and recommended. This makes it possible to automatically install recommended software for a given user group and automatically uninstall prohibited applications. For an even clearer view in the system console:

  • prohibited software is marked in red,
  • recommended ones in green.

In addition, by assigning a software scheme to a selected group of computers, redundant software can be automatically identified. This ensures a high level of security and control, as well as taking care not to overload the disks of computers in the organization.

The network administrator can create any number of DLP oprgramming schemes and assign them to selected departments such as Accounting, Marketing or Sales. In addition, it is possible to set SMS, e-mail or alert type notifications informing about an attempt to install a forbidden application or uninstall a recommended one. The administrator also has access to a record of all computers on which applications have been installed that do not comply with the created schemes. This is very useful, especially when a new employee has been hired into the department, e.g. sales, and incompatibilities have appeared on his or her computer. After entering the detail tab, the administrator can see exactly what software should be installed on his device so that he can perform his duties effectively. The data can also be exported to any format.

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