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Recording Consumables – Income and Expenditure Documents – Report Generation – Exporting Documents to Various Formats

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This is a functionality that allows you to record consumables. It has support for an unlimited number of warehouses in any location. In turn, the warehouses support any types and kinds of materials. In addition, the eAuditor system automatically creates inventories based on incoming and outgoing documents: Z (external receipt), RW (internal disbursement), WZ (warehouse release), LI (liquidation), MM (inter-warehouse transfer). This allows the administrator to quickly generate a report of current inventory levels. Data can be exported to the following formats: EXCEL, Open Office Calc, CSV, HTML, MHT, XML, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP. This translates into faster and simpler management of IT resources in the organization.

The process of recording in the eAuditor system is carried out by means of incoming and outgoing documents: PZ, RW, WZ, LI, MM. The transferred equipment and materials can be issued or assigned to a selected user or device. To carry out the inventory process in the eAuditor system, the FIFO method is used, which allows the posting of outgoing data, starting with the commodity that was the earliest received in the warehouse. This speeds up inventory taking, especially of equipment located in different locations. In addition, it ensures that none of the consumables are sure to be overlooked. Thanks to this, the quantity-value inventory of all materials and equipment, can also be carried out in complex organizational structures (multi-branch structures, capital groups).

Based on the data entered into the warehouse, financial statements by warehouse and location are also automatically generated. The data in them can be filtered based on quantity, location, warehouse, last inbound, last outbound, structure and value. In addition, detailed statements for each warehouse are automatically generated, so the administrator does not have to perform this activity manually or constantly remember it. On this basis, the financial issues related to the inventory of materials are organized and much faster, thanks to the automation used.

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