Software inventory

Inventory of applications and packages – Software inventory

Inventory of applications and packages

In the eAuditor system, it is possible to take an inventory of all applications that are used on devices in the organization. The administrator gets an overview of a detailed list containing information on:

  • application names,
  • version used,
  • application manufacturer,
  • license type,
  • number of application installations,
  • application category.

It is possible for the administrator to specify whether an application is prohibited, recommended, additional or unspecified. This allows you to quickly record the use of applications, e.g. recommended ones, along with the indication of computers.

Packages in the eAuditor system are grouped applications because of a variable specified in the system or manufacturer. As an example of a package, one can point to the office package within which applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are available.

Identification of software for inventory purposes is carried out in a dual way, thus ensuring high efficiency of application/package detection. This method consists in juxtaposing the variables: registry entry and executable file (*.exe) with the application pattern.

Reading installed applications and packages involves matching the detected software with its counterpart in the pattern database. In order to maintain a high level of accuracy, pattern databases should be updated on an ongoing basis. Two types of pattern databases are available in the eAuditor system:

  • public database of patterns – updated on a regular basis as part of automatic updates to the eAuditor system,
  • private pattern base – created individually by the organization’s administrator. When it is activated, the system will prioritize the parameters set in it.

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