Inventory of printers

Inventory of Local Printers – Inventory of Network Printers – Reading detailed information about printers – Print Recordkeeping

Inventory of printers

It is possible to carry out an inventory in the eAuditor system:

  • local printers,
  • network printers.

Information about printers can come from external systems. It is then required to import resources into the inventory or scan the network for such devices. This makes it possible to read detailed information about printers.

For inventory or record keeping, it will be necessary to enter printer data into the system. For this purpose, we can:

  • przeskanować sieć (wbudowany skaner) (tylko drukarki sieciowe),
  • scan the network (built-in scanner) (network printers only).

The latter option, through the use of the SNMP protocol, will allow:

  • device status (on, paused, off),
  • number of prints since last startup,
  • toner condition,
  • problem/error reading,
  • redirection to the manufacturer’s website.

The eAuditor system, thanks to the eAgent service, allows monitoring and recording of printouts from both network and local printers. In the case of printer inventory, it is also possible to generate one of many predefined reports.

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