Inventory of files

Inventory of installed files – File occurrence path – Predefined reports – Document generation

Inventory of files

In the eAuditor system, it is possible to perform an inventory of all files on the disks of computers where eAgent is installed.

The administrator may keep records:

  • all files located in the organization,
  • files located on specific computers,
  • groups of file types that have been predefined in the system as: executable, audio, video, graphics, erotica, archives and others
  • files contained in archives, such as .rar,
  • files with specific extensions or names (file mask),
  • files of certain sizes,
  • files created before or after the specified date.

As part of the inventory, the administrator is given access to the file’s detail information, including data such as :name, extension, the computer on which it is located along with the exact path of its occurrence.

Predefined reports are available in the administration console to generate documents for inventory purposes. Thus, with a few clicks it is possible to print an up-to-date summary of, for example, video files detected on computers in a given organizational structure.

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