Message server

Messenger – One-way communication with employees – History of sent messages – Alerts

Message server

In the eAuditor system it is possible to conduct one-way communication with employees. Through the communicator, the user sends a message to the person designated by him/her. Information about the incoming message appears in the system or on the user’s desktop (if such an option has been selected). In this tab, the administrator has access to the history of all sent messages, and the employee to received messages from the console.

In the system it is also possible to create quick messages along with giving them tags (regular message/alert). These are used when employees need to be informed immediately, such as about a planned interruption of access to network resources or a phishing attack.

In the messages tab, the administrator can also prepare templates concerning, for example, informing employees to change their passwords to systems. Available templates can be duplicated, deleted or modified. After selecting a ready message, the administrator determines whether he wants the message to be sent periodically. He can also indicate its expiration date. In the active cycles tab he has an overview of all the messages that are just renewing cyclically Additionally, in the logs tab admisnistrato can verify: IP, computer, user who sent the message to the indicated device along with information about the date it was read.

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