Implementation of eAuditor
at the City Hall in Choszczno

Find out what the implementation looked like in a public administration unit.

What kind of system was the client looking for?

The client was looking for a solution that would allow multiple functionalities from a single system and easy network management. The priority was to find comprehensive software that meets all the client’s expectations in terms of IT security. The previous use of free tools unfortunately proved insufficient. The client wanted a system that would allow:

What was the implementation of the eAuditor system like?

According to the client, the implementation process was carried out in a professional manner. We installed the eAuditor system in Professional version with an indefinite license for 100 devices. Our experts provided support throughout the implementation process, offering professional training. The solution provides comprehensive network monitoring and protection of the local government institution’s resources. In addition, the software influences the efficiency of business processes in the organization. In addition to the basic version of the system, the client opted for additional functionalities, such as:

What did the customer gain?

With the installation of eAuditor, the customer gained comprehensive IT security software.

Remote disk encryption with MS BitLocker increased the security level of information on mobile devices as well as internal disks.

Email monitoring made it possible to verify the correct use of email by employees. The functionality also made it possible to efficiently perform e-mail audits, taking into account attachments sent.

The ACL Manager functionality provided the organization with full control over local and network resources. This allowed the administrator to control workstations and all areas of the office’s network.

Monitoring of web services allowed administrators to verify up to a dozen sites simultaneously. Within a single view, it is possible to list all sites for ongoing monitoring, but also to compare data.

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