Learning Management System (LMS)

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Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS (Learning Management System) – is an advanced system that enables employee training through public and private videos posted in the console. The key features of the system are full automation, ease of use and the ability to post your own training dedicated to employees.

The LMS training system has been implemented in the employee panel From its level, the user has easy access to the training courses he is implementing, along with information on their progress He can check on an ongoing basis which trainings he is currently performing, which he has already completed, and which he needs to perform.

LMS film library

The LMS is equipped with a library divided into public and private videos The starter package of public videos includes RODO data protection videos on: protecting employer and employee rights under RODO. Over time, it is planned to add more training courses on management and on ensuring IT security through IT systems.

The library can be expanded with your own private videos These can be various types of instructions, regulations or recordings of company meetings held. In addition, the user has access to the library even after completing training. This means that he can return to the videos he is interested in at any time without any restrictions.

Any LMS video schemes

The implementation of the system involves assigning the appropriate collection of videos (called schemes) to individual employees. This can be done manually or by using an organizational structure Each schema can be assigned to multiple employees. The system also makes it possible to assign films to specific departments within the organization (marketing, sales or technical support). This is a great convenience for organizations with extensive infrastructure.

Thanks to this functionality, IT administrators can specify a set of specific training videos to a department, without having to identify individually each of the employees included in the department. Moreover, it is also a simplification especially when a new employee is hired into the organization. Thanks to the LMS, with a single click, he or she receives a dedicated set of training courses to help him or her get introduced to the organization.

LMS training process

The training process is monitored at every stage. The administrator has access to information about the start of training, its duration and completion. An additional advantage is the ability to set the cyclicity of training sessions at specific time intervals (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly). The progress of the process is visible to both the employee and the administrator.

LMS certificates

Each employee who has completed the training path receives a named certificate. It is automatically generated from the system. The graphic appearance of the certificate can be freely modified*. Certificates are sent to the indicated e-mail address.

* modification of the report will be possible after purchasing the Report Builder.

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