Implementation of eAuditor
at Interhandler Sp. z o.o.

Find out how eAuditor was implemented in the manufacturing industry.

What kind of system was the client looking for?

The client needed a system that would allow the creation of a central database of IT equipment in the organization. In addition, he also wanted the ability to encrypt drives and control USB devices connected to company computers. It was crucial to find software that presents comprehensive information on:

What was the implementation of the eAuditor system like?

The implementation process took place professionally and without any complications. We installed the eAuditor system in the Professional version in a perpetual license for 300 devices. Throughout this period, our experts provided comprehensive technical support. Selected functionalities we implemented:

What did the customer gain?

The client gained an excellent tool for analyzing and monitoring IT equipment.

The eAuditor system is an ideal tool for analyzing current IT equipment in a distributed organization. The software also helps to bring under control a large amount of computer hardware and frequent change of users.

In addition, the ability to define your own dashboard view allows you to take quick action. Thanks to interactive widgets, the customer can see selected information to monitor equipment such as printers or computers in the organization.

Encryption of external and internal drives using Microsoft’s BitLocker® API allows USB drives to be kept under control. Using the eAuditor system, it is possible to remotely encrypt and decrypt one or multiple drives. In addition, the functionality effectively secures information on external drives that are susceptible to theft or loss.

Monitoring of computers and servers in the eAuditor system has increased the productivity of employees in the organization. The client in the system can monitor the activity of its employees and check their login history.

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