Mass blocking of websites

Learn how to automatically block websites from multiple users

Why is it important to block websites in an organization?

Blocking websites is an important element of protection against data leakage in the organization. However, this is not the only factor influencing companies to opt for a solution that automates the process. In large corporations, special attention is also paid to labor productivity of employees. Considering that the number of employees in such companies is sometimes as many as several thousand, manually and individually blocking sites using, for example, a chrome browser would be very time-consuming. By using software that allows them to be blocked automatically and in bulk, the organization definitely saves its time. It also does not need to involve other employees in this activity, so they can focus on other important tasks related to their daily duties.

In addition, for manual and single page blocking there is a risk that certain websites will be missed. Massive blocking of websites minimizes it to a minimum by using special algorithms and mechanisms that are able to block access to many websites at once. To sum up, the use of such tools can significantly increase the security of data in the organization, as well as save employees’ time.

Benefits of web blocking in an organization

There are many reasons why you should automatically and massively block websites in your organization. Below you will find 4 key benefits that this mechanism guarantees:  

Increased security 

By blocking websites that can be the source of many threats, such as phishing, malware or ransomeware, IT security in an organization is significantly increased. This increases the company’s protection against hacking attacks and other cyber threats.   

Increase productivity  

Preventing employees from accessing websites with adult content or social networking sites, for example, has the effect of reducing distractions. This increases their focus and boosts their work productivity.  

Greater access control 

Automatically blocking certain websites can also be useful in the context of restricting users’ access to certain content or services. For example, in some companies it is important to restrict access to only certain content or documents for a specific group of employees or customers.

Full data protection 

By blocking access to dangerous websites, companies also prevent data leaks. The main concern here is situations involving requests for private data on websites, such as email address or phone number. Therefore, blocking unsafe websites can help protect employee and company data.  

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Blocking websites in the eAuditor system

The mass and automatic blocking of websites using the eAuditor system has a real impact on IT security. It works based on the method of machine learning and deep learning. The process is carried out using the BTC Website Classification functionality. The classifier’s operation is based on analyzing the URLs used by employees and verifying that their category is secure. BTC Website Classification allows you to classify any website in a fully automatic and massive way.

How to block websites at work

Site analytics are determined by category, SSL certificate validity and presence in the registry of gambling sites. As a result, organizations are able to react more quickly to an impending threat and protect themselves from intentional or accidental data leaks. In addition, through automatic monitoring, the classifier determines whether employees’ actions are efficient and effective.

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