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  • Website classifcation
  • Process classification
  • AI in the creation of CMD and Powershell commands
  • Authentication using video
  • Integration with ChatGPT

Website classification

The eAuditor automates the process of classifying websites, allowing it to block potentially dangerous sites. This allows users to effectively protect themselves from malware and network attacks.

With advanced mechanisms for analyzing content and web behavior, eAuditor automatically assigns categories to the websites you visit. The process is based on machine learning algorithms that use a variety of data and indicators to make accurate classifications. The system analyzes various factors such as content, URLs, SSL certificates and attack history to accurately classify sites.

The classification mechanism constantly updates its rules and databases to reflect changing trends and new types of online threats. As a result, users can rest assured that even new forms of malware will be properly identified and blocked. Based on assigned categories and threat analysis, eAuditor can automatically block access to websites deemed unsafe.

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System administrators have the ability to monitor the classification process, check blocked sites and manage rules for access to specific categories of websites. As a result, eAuditor’s web classification function is an effective tool in the fight against threats from the Internet, providing users with a safe online environment.
  • Blocking potentially dangerous sites
  • Protection against malware and network attacks
  • Assigning categories to the websites you visit
  • Machine learning algorithms for accurate classification
  • Constant updating of rules and databases
Klasyfikator stron www

Process classification

Allows you to precisely define the categories of applications or programs running on the system.

The main purpose of the classifier is to improve software management by quickly and efficiently identifying different types of applications and assigning them to appropriate categories or groups.
The functions of the process classifier include analyzing the characteristics and parameters of each application, such as its behavior, the type of files it operates with, metadata or data about interactions with the system. Based on the collected data, the system automatically evaluates and assigns the application to the appropriate category or group.

This tool not only provides quick identification of applications, but also enables their effective management by classifying them accurately. This allows organizations to optimize their software management processes, saving time and resources
The main features of the process classifier:
  • Speed of classification
  • Flexibility in the configuration of classification rules
  • Analysis of user behavior
  • Reporting and monitoring
Klasyfikator procesów

AI in the creation of CMD and Powershell commands

A new AI function in the eAuditor system allows commands to be generated in CMD and PowerShell programming languages. It makes it much easier for people unfamiliar with the syntax of these languages to manage information systems through an advanced tool based on artificial intelligence. It greatly simplifies the management and administration of information systems, especially for beginners or those without programming expertise.
  • Ability to issue commands in any language
  • Script syntax built by AI
  • Advanced tool based on artificial intelligence
  • CMD and PowerShell command generation

Authentication using video images

The innovative method based on face-based login increases the security of the authentication process, eliminating the risk of attacks. Our functionality has security features that prevent any kind of improper login attempts.

A camera is used for this process, and each login is routed to an API on our server, which then returns the face verification status. This is another step toward implementing advanced biometric technologies.
0% elimination of unauthorized logins
0/7 monitoring the login process
0% the effectiveness of face verification
  • Security of the authentication process
  • Security features to prevent improper login attempts
  • Application of advanced technologies to the authentication process
Uwierzytelnianie z wykorzystaniem obrazu wideo

Integration with ChatGPT

  • Enables users to take advantage of advanced natural language processing capabilities
  • It is used to manage the system, obtain information and solve problems
  • Built-in assistant accurately and in detail prepares the necessary scripts

These innovations make eAuditor a comprehensive tool that not only improves the management of IT systems, but also enhances security by protecting against a variety of cybercrime threats.

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