5 functionalities for which it’s worth choosing eAuditor for computer activity monitoring

Learn how you can effectively monitor IT infrastructure in your organization

Monitoring computer activity

In the era of rapidly changing technologies and increasing customer expectations, organizations must be prepared for challenges related to monitoring their infrastructure and employee efficiency. Essential tools for companies are becoming IT monitoring systems, such as eAuditor.

5 key functionalities

Below, you will find 5 key functionalities for which it is worth investing in our innovative monitoring system and ways to track computer activity in your organization.

1. Network Monitoring

eAuditor is equipped with tools for monitoring computer activity, such as a network scanner that allows precise tracking of all devices connected to the network with assigned IP addresses. This aids in maintaining security and enables quick responses to impending threats. By monitoring the network, your organization can protect itself from intentional or accidental data leaks.

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2. Computer Activity Monitoring

With eAuditor, valuable information can be obtained regarding work hours, launched applications, visited websites, and outgoing email monitoring. Monitoring user activity on computers allows for performance assessment and ensures compliance with security policies and legal-technical regulations.

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3. Software and Operating System Monitoring

In the eAuditor system, it is possible to monitor operating systems for various factors such as application monitoring or launched processes. eAuditor determines the legality of operating systems by indicating the currency of their licenses. Interactive widgets provide information about the share of individual operating systems, facilitating control over IT infrastructure and ensuring license compliance.

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4. Device Monitoring

Device monitoring is a crucial step not only for resource utilization control but also for ensuring security. IT department managers are obliged to ensure that all hardware in the organization complies with numerous legal regulations (GDPR, KRI, ISO). These documents impose the obligation to monitor IT equipment in the organization. Improper device management can lead to violations of regulations and procedures. With eAuditor, it is possible to detect unauthorized actions and unauthorized access to resources, which is key to ensuring security.

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5. Data Center Monitoring

This feature allows real-time monitoring and alerting of incidents related to the technical condition of devices in the organization. It aims to monitor the technical condition and environmental conditions, such as room temperature or humidity, which is crucial for maintaining security. eAuditor allows real-time monitoring of data centers, enabling quick response in case of failures or threats.

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IT Monitoring-

The introduction of the eAuditor system to an organization brings numerous benefits. Through the automatic inventory of computers and devices, monitoring changes in hardware and software configurations, we save time and increase efficiency. Real-time monitoring of computer and data center operations allows for a prompt response to incidents, translating into enhanced security and control through IT environment monitoring programs.

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