Implementation of eAuditor
in a higher education institution

Find out what the implementation looked like at the State University of Applied Sciences

What kind of system was the client looking for?

The client was looking for an IT management tool that would enable it to optimize the working time of the entire IT department, as well as significantly streamline the process of recording hardware and software. The biggest problem the customer faced was unstructured data on a particular device or software. The client was looking for a tool that would allow it to more efficiently take inventory of its equipment and licenses. Sifting through the infrastructure to find the information they needed often took up a significant portion of the day, so they were looking for a solution that would automate administrators’ tasks while optimizing the entire department’s time.

What was the implementation of the eAuditor system like?

Consultation with the client allowed for the use of an appropriate configuration and profiling of the system adapting it to the needs of the organization. At the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, we have installed the eAuditor system in the Standard version indefinitely for 350 devices. After the software was installed, the necessary training was provided, and full technical support was provided. Selected functionalities we implemented:

What did the customer gain?

After implementing the software, the client gained an end-to-end solution for managing IT infrastructure and security. The ability to record the entire IT infrastructure using the system has improved the organization’s management. The eAuditor software, among other things, has made it possible to inventory databases, operating systems, packages, or the applications themselves, which has greatly optimized the operating time of the entire IT department.

With the expanded task server, IT administrators have gained the ability to use predefined CMD and PowerShell commands. They were able to perform tasks on any group of computers, both on the local network and outside NAT.

Event log monitoring has enabled IT administrators to access Event Logs of all devices on and off the network. Thanks to the information from the logs, the process of repairing operating systems, software, or configuring devices has been significantly improved.

With the ability to comprehensively inventory IT areas, administrators have gained a range of detailed information about hardware configurations, active licenses, or software, as well as the ability to record fixed assets. For the inventory, administrators obtained 17 types of barcodes, as well as their editor to customize them according to user preferences.

The message server, with its ability to send alerts and periodic messages to system users, has streamlined the work of the entire IT department. In the event of failures or maintenance work, administrators could automatically and quickly relay messages to employees.

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