How to ensure that employees install applications securely?

Learn how to improve the security of installing software using an application kiosk

Unverified software installations by employees pose a serious security risk to the company. They can lead to data loss, weaken system performance and increase the risk of cyber attacks.

The most common risks associated with unverified installations are:
– computer infection – installing unknown files on a computer often leads to the device being infected with malware such as viruses, Trojans, etc.
– data loss – uncontrolled software installations can damage or delete important data on a computer,
– impaired performance – employees’ failure to supervise software installations can overload the system and cause the computer to slow down.

To minimize this risk, install only software from trusted sources and software that is up-to-date and secure. The question is – how to control this process so that you have oversight of all the installations you make?application installation – eAuditor

Secure installation of applications

How to control application installations made by employees?

Nowadays, employees use various applications to facilitate their daily work. At the same time, installing inappropriate software can lead to IT security problems. Therefore, it is important for organizations to verify application installations made by their employees. Below you will find 6 solutions on how to control this process using the following solutions:

  1. IT system – allows you to control and monitor installed applications, including detecting and recording unauthorized installations.
  2. Manual restriction of access – mainly to tools and websites that allow installation of unauthorized applications.
  3. Sandboxing – a technology that allows applications to run in an isolated environment so they cannot access the operating system and other software.
  4. Employee training – on security and application installation requirements.

Any of these solutions can help control application installation and ensure IT security. It is important to carefully consider all options and choose the ones that best fit your organization’s needs and requirements.

Secure application control

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Application installation control tool – eAuditor

When deciding on a solution to purchase an IT system for controlling installations made by employees, it is worth considering various solutions available on the market. One of them is the eAuditor system, which has the Application Kiosk functionality, which is accessible from the Employee Panel. It allows installing only software verified and approved by IT departments. Such a measure maintains a high level of IT security in the organization. Especially since unknown applications can be harmful and contain viruses, which often leads to data loss or unauthorized disclosure. In addition, they can cause conflicts with other applications and systems, making it difficult for them to function properly. By choosing to implement an Application Kiosk in your organization you will gain:

  •  time and resource savings for IT departments, thanks to easy filtering and categorization of software,
  • additional time of your employees, who do not have to be involved in every software installation,
  •  automation of the work of IT departments, thanks to quick filtering and the ability to define software categories,
  •  security of application installation and updates,
  •  possibility of collective and consistent installation and uninstallation of applications, according to the guidelines of IT departments. collective installation and uninstallation of selected applications approved by IT departments.

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