4 ways to remotely access your computer from anywhere

Learn how to connect to other computers’ desktops

What is remote computer access?

It is a solution that allows you to connect a remote desktop to other computers, regardlessof their location. It allows not only to see the displayed screen, but also to manage the system. Once a connection is established with a computer, it is possible to display the remote screen and thus take control of the mouse and keyboard, i.e. perform various tasks on it without any restrictions. This is a great convenience for administrators, who can download files, troubleshoot problems or install software on various computers from anywhere while traveling or working from locations other than the business office.

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What is a remote desktop worth using for?

How to connect to another computer from anywhere? This solution has many advantages. It allows not only to view files at any time, but also to run certain programs regardless of where the administrator is. This allows the support department to immediately control the customer’s desktop and solve the reported problem directly on the customer’s device. This means that remote desktop access is an ideal solution for providing comprehensive and direct support to an organization. In addition, it also facilitates the transition to new remote or hybrid working models. Virtual computer access (such as chrome remote desktop) allows employees to perform tasks from anywhere, while allowing them to use computers located in the office. This service allows, for example, connecting a remote desktop to a computer located in the office from home equipment. This is very convenient and additionally saves valuable time. It allows the employee to move around in a familiar environment. This gives the user access to the tools he needs to do his current job. Thanks to the remote connection, he can perform some of his duties from in front of his own computer. Despite the fact that he is not physically in the office, apart from the location itself, the specifics of his work do not change. It is also worth noting that remote control of the computer without the user’s knowledge and all remote desktop connections are authorized and fully secure.

How do remote desktop tools streamline work

4 remote desktop solutions in the eAuditor system

How to use RDP remote desktop?

This is a solution that is used to remotely control computers located on a local network. With a peer-to-peer connection, it allows you to access the monitor image of a remote computer. n addition to this, this solution is also used to manage all resources located on a given computer on the local network. Importantly, the RDP server must be deployed on the device to be accessed. RDP is most often used by programmers or analysts due to the nature of their work. It is a useful solution for them insofar as, in case they need help from the team, they can hand over control of the device to a person who will solve the problem remotely. This means they can get technical support without having to appear in person at the service desk.

How to use the webRTC remote desktop?

It allows real-time communication on computers. Users do not need to install any additional devices or applications to use this technology. It is worth noting that webRTC is an open source project developed by the W3C organization. t supports both voice and video connection for mutual communication between users. It is the solution most often used by developers to create advanced solutions in terms of voice and video communication.

eAuditor - RTC

How to use the Intel vPro/AMT remote desktop?

The solution offers comprehensive remote control of computers located throughout the organization regardless of location. It recognizes the technology version, port, configuration and allows you to connect to a computer with a click. It allows access to devices even outside the firewall network. It also allows access even when the operating system is not responding. The solution is often used by IT departments. With the functionality of remote detection, repair and protection of network resources, the technology allows supporting colleagues even in distributed locations. In addition, they can remotely repair faulty drivers and software. The system also allows IT administrators, using the remote desktop, to repair the operating system on different computers as well.

How to use VNC remote desktop?

VNC technology was developed for enterprise use. It allows you to transmit images from a virtual desktop environment. By using Virtual Network Computing, it is possible to access user sessions, as well as open source components. This makes VNC used by both individuals and organizations in various industries for basic operations. These can include providing technical support to employees and customers or accessing the system to solve a specific problem.

eAuditor - VNC

How to choose a remote desktop program?

When deciding on the choice of IT software for remote access to employees’ desktops, there are several things to consider. Below you will find 4 criteria to follow when choosing a remote desktop system.

1. ease of use – it is important that the program is easy to use, intuitive and does not require specialized IT skills to operate it.

2. functionality – before buying, check whether the program offers all the features you need to perform remote tasks like monitoring online processes and services. Pay attention to whether it allows you to remotely stop, restart and start a service and stop a process, among other things.

3.Security – it is important that the program offers a high level of security, such as having network security or allowing encrypted connections and user authentication.

4.Technical support – make sure that the IT software vendor offers adequate technical support, e.g. telephone support during installation, etc.

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